Hojo app


It aims to enable people with limited knowledge in the medical field to send a first aid report to a predefined remote medical authority (assistance tray, assistants, etc.). To establish this report, the user is guided step by step until its final transmission thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive application. Some measurements are made directly via the camera of the tablet, thanks to artificial intelligence (e.g., heart rate, respiratory rate, etc.). Finally, it can be used without internet connection, the digitalized medical report can be kept or transmitted as soon as there is enough bandwidth

Hojo pack

Full Case

In order to provide the most comprehensive check-up possible, HOJO Solutions offer consists in a hardened case of essential connected medical devices which measure vital constants and automatically complete the digital record. These devices are proposed/suggested by HOJO or can be requested by the customer for specific needs (ultrasound scanner, etc.). The report can be also completed manually in case the user is already equipped with specific medical hardware.

Medical Assistance solutions


To ensure maximum safety for your employees, HOJO Solutions also offers a complete health assistance and support solution in partnership with a company specializing in this field. All check-ups/assessments/reports are made via the application and are automatically sent to a medical platform accessible 24/7, which contacts the patient on site.

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